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Video/DVD/CD Duplications

Do you have one of those “Old, Ancient” VHS or 8mm┬átapes, and want to transfer it to a brand new DVD? We will take your videotape(s) and convert to a digital format, followed by burning the footage onto a DVD.

Included with you conversion:
*High quality blank DVD
*Protective sleeve and Printed Label
*Quality guarantee

We can also combine numerous videotapes for a lower price, or design a custom DVD Menu. In addition, we offer Video Editing services.

We can also convert any videotape that is in the PAL (Foreign) formats!

Treasure Coast Multimedia can also make duplications of any DVD or CD, keeping the same quality as your original.

We use professional quality DVD/CD Burners, as well as high quality brand name DVD blank media and Professional Color Printer for the labels.

Included with your Duplication:
*High quality blank DVDs/CDs
*Paper Sleeve
*Printing directly on DVD/CD

We can also convert DVD’s that are in the PAL (Foreign) format!

Please Contact Us to discuss your Videotape/DVD/CD Conversion or Duplication needs. or view our Price List.

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