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Other Services

At Treasure Coast Multimedia, we offer a number of Other Services, including:

  • Videotape Repair
  • Album/Cassette to CD Remastering
  • Photo Slideshows to DVD
  • Projection Displays
  • Streaming Video, including uploading to YouTube

Videotape Repair

Have you ever tried to eject one of your precious tapes from your vcr, only to have it get stuck? This is caused by a faulty VCR, “crinkles” in your tape, or common wear and tear from years of usage.

Not to worry, Treasure Coast Multimedia can repair for you. Just bring in your tape, and we can save as much footage as possible.

Included with your repair will be a copy of your video. The copy should be used for future viewing, while the repaired tape should only be used to make additional copies.

Album/Cassette to CD Remastering

Do you have an old vinyl album or audio cassette, but don’t have a phonograph or cassette player? If so, why not have them transferred to a CD so you can listen on your home or car cd player?

Many of the old albums and cassettes have not been professionally reproduced, and never will be. These priceless pieces of history can be converted to a CD, with high quality, preserving your precious memories.

Included with conversion:
*taking out the hisses, crackles, and pops
*conversion of albums, 45’s, or cassettes
*seperate tracks for cd playback
*cd and label

Photo Slideshows to DVD

Do you need a unique gift idea for that someone special? How about a “This Is Your Life” video, made from old photos or slides?

Perfect for:
*Corporate Recognition
*Wedding Showers
*Sports Season Wrap-Ups

We will transfer your photos using a professional scanner. We typically show each image on screen for 5 seconds, with many differnet template choices. We can also provide custom background music, or you can provide the music on CD. Click here to view sample of our Photo Slideshows.

Projection Displays

Do you have an event planned where you need to show a DVD or on a BIG SCREEN? With the use of a professional projector, a DVD player, and screen, you will be able to show your program for a crowd up to 100 people.

Our Projectors can also be used to hookup a variety of laptop computers to show your PowerPoint presentations or Photo Slideshows.

Included with your order:
*Professional super-bright projector
*Professional DVD player
*Laptop with PowerPoint
*Front or rear projection screen, either 4’x4′ or 7’x7′
*Powerful speakers
*Technician that will set up all equipment, staying in the area for the entire event

Streaming Video

Do you have a video that you would like to be viewed by millions of people on the internet? You need to “Stream” that video across the world wide web.

Streaming video is digitizing and compressing video so that it can be viewed over an internet connection “Live”. Live meaning without having to download the video before viewing, playing without skips or pauses. Streaming also allows the user to scan to any section of the video instantly.

We can digitize, encode, compress, and upload streaming video from the following sources:
*DVD or videotape (VHS, Hi-8, 8mm, DV)
*Directly from digital video production

Contact Us for more information, or view our Price List.
Click Here to view our Video Gallery.

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